Charity Donations!

I was asked the other day about how much money we have donated to charity since Karenza’s inception in March 2014, and I had to admit that I didn’t know because I’ve stopped counting!  However, I hazarded a guess that it must be in the region of approximately £2,000-£2,500.  I have now checked the records and can confirm that the actual figure donated is £2,717!

The charity donations are a lovely by-product of our mediumship evenings, but not the reason behind why we hold them.  Paul and I both wanted to promote the existence of the spirit world, and bring it to people’s attentions that it is our firm belief that our loved ones do continue to exist after the demise of the physical body (or death as we call it), except on another plane of existence.  The messages our visiting mediums give to you from your family and friends on spirit side, dates, names, memories, personal and unique to you that the mediums could not possibly have found out about beforehand, hopefully bring you all some comfort and support our belief that our dear ones are only ever a thought away.