Donna Stewart & Sandy Ingham

Paul and I were lucky enough recently to witness a demonstration of mediumship and psychic art given by our dear friend Donna Stewart together with psychic artist Sandy Ingham and what a phenomenal evening it was! These lovely mediums had never worked together before, but unless we’d been told we’d never have known!

Sandy popped a pair of ear plugs into her ears and drifted off into trance while her artist guide Leo guided her hands into producing fantastic drawings of loved ones spirit side. Meanwhile Donna linked with spirit, identified the audience member they belonged to and passed on wonderful evidence of the spirit’s continued survival. Sandy’s drawings brought the communicator to life, and Donna’s evidence turned the loved ones being depicted on paper into 3 dimensional people again. With the combined outstanding mediumship of these 2 ladies, we the audience got a great sense of the wholeness of the communicator along with the depth of feeling those on the other side have for us here. Neither Paul or me had ever seen anything like it before! Thank you Donna, Sandy and their spirit teams for a fabulous evening and to the Footsteps Centre in Gloucester for being such warm and welcoming hosts.

Some examples of Sandy’s work can be seen on her web-site More information about Donna and her work can be found here: and we are looking forward to her return visit to Cholsey on 17th and 18th October 2015! More details on our diary page: