Jonathan Brown Medium visits Karenza Spiritual Network

Jonathan Brown KarenzaWe are delighted that Jonathan has accepted our invitation and is coming back to Cholsey for his third visit to demonstrate his highly evidential mediumship on Monday 11th December 2017.  The demonstration will be in the Cholsey Pavilion, Station Road, Cholsey, Wallingford, OX10 9PT, starts at 7.30pm and entry is £5 on the door. Hot drinks will be available during the interval, and the evening draws to a close at 9.30pm. Jonathan is an extremely popular medium so we are thrilled he has fitted us into his schedule. Hope to see you there!

Jonathan Brown – International Medium, Public Speaker and Teacher

Jonathan Brown is well becoming known as a Spiritual man on a mission where ever he goes spreading the word of God and Spirit and that we are the Love and Light of this world if only we look within ourselves.

Jonathan was born in Bristol in 1983 as an average person who never would have known that his life would lead him to looking at the depths of his soul and working alongside the Spirit world to become the Medium and Teacher he is known to be today.

Jonathan was born into an average working class family who were Atheist, his best friend his Nan was a stout Catholic and he went to a Christian School whilst growing up, Jonathan as a younger child did not believe in the things he knows to be true today such as God, Spirit and the Angels, he never knew he would be able to see, hear and sense those in the spirit world and be able to communicate with them and work with them and teach others to do so too.

Jonathan has been very fortunate along his journey to have met and learnt from some of the best spiritual figure and teachers known around the world and he has always been acknowledged for his heartfelt work, dedication and commitment for serving and helping others whilst remaining humble along the way.

Jonathan is always learning and growing himself and soon learnt that not only is this journey in life an outward one, more Importantly it was an inward one, an inward journey to find out that everything is possible, everything already is if only we heal ourselves first and understand that we have the power of the divine within us
Jonathan had a calling in 2010 to walk away from the life he knew and follow his Spiritual pathway in this life to which he did, one he talks to many about still to this day and one that he has not looked back too since.

Jonathan has since been working 6 years professionally now and in that time lead by spirits Higher understanding he has gone from strength to strength as a Medium, Public Speaker and Teacher. Jonathan has worked in several countries, extensively across the United Kingdom, Spain, Gibraltar and Brussels.

Jonathan has been touring the last two years, in 2015 he undertook the 2015 – Messages from Heaven tour throughout England, Wales, Scotland, Southern Ireland, Spain, Gibraltar, demonstrating his mediumistic abilities in 120 churches, hotels and Theatres as well as educating people and teaching along the way.

During 2016 Jonathan underwent his Messages from Heaven Tour, demonstrating his mediumship publically over 100 times as well as giving Lectures, Public Speaking and giving Philosophy whilst on tour. For 2017 he is undergoing a national tour entitled – Between the two worlds where Jonathan can be seen demonstrating and teaching in every county in England, Wales and Scotland as well as teaching and Demonstrating in Southern and Northern Ireland, Spain, Gibraltar, Greece, Brussels and Sweden.

Jonathan is also running throughout the year – Awaken Your Eternal Self to Spirit – workshops which have been specifically created to help you awaken yourself up to who you truly are, to develop your extra-perceptionary gifts and to unlock your Mediumship and channelling abilities, all through the connection of your heart, your spirit and your soul.

Jonathan also runs – The Guiding Light Mentorship Programme and has international students who he mentors on a 1 to 1 basis for their specific individual development through regular development sessions along with support and encouragement from Jonathan, enabling them to unlock their own spiritual gifts so that they can shine brightly through everything that they do.

Jonathan has undergone many Media experiences, from Live FM shows across the UK, Live in Radio Stations in England, Ireland and Spain as well as Blog Talk Radio around the world. Jonathan has done live television in England both in and out of the Studio as well as featuring in Newspapers and press releases around the United Kingdom
For the last 2 years amongst everything that he does Jonathan has been writing his first book – How to Become your Spiritual-Self (Dark into Light) which will be available to the general public next year.

“We are the Divine here on earth as a soul and a spirit, we choose to live this human existence to evolve, through the experience of knowing what love is through its feeling whilst in the human body, this journey is but one of many for truly we do not die, we have been alive since the dawn of time, we have always been and will always remain the Love and Light of God through our Spirit”

~ Jonathan Brown Quotes ~