Jonathan Brown Karenza Spiritual NetworkThank you to Jonathan Brown and to everyone who came along on October 20th for our evening in Cholsey. It was great to see new people as well as our lovely regulars too!
The winners of the charity vote were Petals and Sunshine Cat Rescue who will each receive £50! Personally I (Donna) was particularly pleased to see both charities win this month. I watched Channel 4’s documentary called “Child of Mine” this week about three couples’ experience of stillbirth. It was extremely moving but very sensitively filmed, and is still available to watch on 4OD. Petals is a baby loss counselling charity, providing specialised counselling for parents, a service which is very badly needed.
Many thanks again for coming to our evenings and for making these donations possible. Look forward to seeing you next month.

Donna Stewart Karenza Spiritual NetworkWhat a fantastic weekend we have had with Donna Stewart in September! Saturday 8th saw a wonderful demonstration of mediumship with lots of reconnections, gentle humour and messages of love from family and friends on the spirit side of life. Thank you very much to everyone who came along and contributed to the lovely feeling in the room. Thank you also to Chantelle and Libby for all their help and to everyone who helped with the chairs.
Sunday 9th saw our trance mediumship workshop and a wonderful day spent in close contact with the spirit world. Lots of lovely blending took place and all participants went away with a clearer understanding of the journey ahead to deepen their connection. We also enjoyed a short trance demonstration by Donna and it was super to meet her main guide Takana. Thank you to all attendees for a great day!
A huge thank you to Donna for coming down from Lincolnshire to be with us and for sharing her mediumship and knowledge with us all. It was so lovely to welcome her back to Cholsey for her 5th visit and hope to see her again next year.

Karenza Spiritual NetworkThank you very much to everyone who came along on August 13th to the evening of mediumship in Cholsey! Your warm support and encouragement for the working mediums could be felt from the front of the room, and it was very much appreciated!
It was fantastic to see so many of you and as a result we have a whopping £220 to donate to the charities of the mediums’ choice which are:
Winston’s Wish
Helen & Douglas House
Thames Valley Air Ambulance
Thames Valley Animal Welfare!
Thank you to Denise and Maxine for putting the chairs away, and many thanks to the ladies who gave lifts to enable those without transport to join us. Your help is invaluable.

Rebecca Sawyer Karenza Spiritual NetworkWhat a fantastic night we had with Becs on 2nd July! Becs has a wonderful sense of humour and a way of working with spirit that is totally true to herself. The communicators from the spirit world had some fascinating stories and were bringing through so much healing in their messages. I think the presence of spirit was palpable, so that even if you didn’t get a message you would have taken that feeling away with you.
A massive thank you to Becs for making the journey from Essex in what were less than ideal travel conditions last night, to be with us all.
The winners of the charity vote were Oxfordshire Mind and Dementia UK! Thank you all so much for coming along on such a warm evening, and for helping to build the energy needed for such great communication to take place. Look forward to seeing you again soon!

Ian Smith Karenza Spiritual NetworkA big thank you to Ian Smith for a lovely evening in Cholsey on June 5th! The spirit world were in good form through Ian’s mediumship and showed us that they still know exactly what is going on in our lives today, and still love and support us.

The winners of the charity vote were both local charities: Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary and Style Acre! Woo hoo!

Thank you for coming along, bringing your spirit loved ones with you and giving them a chance to get a message to you. Even if you didn’t get a message, we hope you were able to leave uplifted by the presence of the spirit world.

A big thank you to Sharon Hall for a lovely evening in Cholsey on May 14th. There were lots of memories and messages passed on from the spirit world via Sharon to show that our loved ones are never far away. The winners of the charity vote were the Alzheimer’s Society and the British Heart Foundation who will each receive £60! Woo hoo!

As Paul was not around to supervise, I really appreciated everyone’s help putting the chairs away and thank you to Michelle, Sally, Lillian and Pepi for setting them up. Thank you to Julie for helping with the refreshments and to Pepi as well for helping us with the clearing up. It is team work that makes it all happen and enables those in spirit to get their messages across to their loved ones who need to hear them. Hope to see you all again soon!

Sharon Higginson Karenza Spiritual NetworkWhat a lovely evening we had in Cholsey with Sharon Higginson on April 9th. Sharon made many wonderful connections with our loved ones in the spirit world, and passed on their messages of love and support in her own gentle way. She is a fantastic ambassador for the spirit world, and we are very grateful she was able to stand in at the last minute and share the beautiful gift of mediumship she has with us all last night.

The winners of the charity vote by a country mile were Macmillan Cancer Support followed by Starlight Wish Foundation, and they will each receive £60! Woo hooo!

A very big thank you for coming along, and for giving your friends and family in the spirit world the opportunity to get a message to you. Look forward to seeing you again soon!

Rebecca Sawyer Karenza Spiritual NetworkA massive thank you to Becs Sawyer for a wonderful evening in Cholsey last night! She made us all laugh with her warm sense of humour, then brought us close to tears with her heartfelt re-connections with loved ones in spirit. Becs really brought through the essence of the person in spirit she was working with, and touched the hearts of not only the recipient of the message, but all of us in the audience too.

Thank you to everyone who came along and as a result Becs is delivering £250 to St Clare’s Hospice today! Woooo hoooo! A fantastic amount raised to celebrate our 4th year of mediumship evenings, and brings the entire grand total of charity donations to £4777!

We started our Karenza evenings in March 2014 and originally only committed to 3 to see if anyone would come along! Our charity donations are a lovely by-product of what we do, but it was never our main priority. That was to share our belief of the continued existence of our loved ones after their physical presence has left, with anyone locally who may be interested. Without the help of our very first medium Michael Bagan generously donating his time and getting us started, and without everyone showing an interest and participating, the spirit world wouldn’t have been able to get their loving messages out to you all, so a massive THANK YOU to you! It really is team work that makes it happen! Look forward to seeing you all next month!

Sharon Higginson Karenza Spiritual NetworkWe’d like to say a huge thank you to Sharon Higginson for a wonderful evening in Cholsey on Monday 5th February 2018! There were 104 of you all, a record breaking turnout since we started these evenings, and February too, so very well done to you for coming out on a cold, dark night and giving the spirit world the opportunity to give you a message!
Sharon worked very hard to get as many messages to as many people as she possibly could in the time available! There were funny messages, and moving messages too, all delivered with love and compassion in Sharon’s own gentle way. It is in the details that our connection to our loved ones in spirit is found, and Sharon left us in no doubt that they are close by and still connected to us.
The winners of the charity vote were Grief Encounter and Cancer Research UK who each receive a whopping £125! Thank you so much to Linda for all her help with the refreshments and for washing and clearing up after! Thank you to everyone who helped with the chairs too! It really is a team effort, us, you, Sharon and the spirit world, thank you all so much. Look forward seeing you again soon!

Ian Smith Karenza Spiritual NetworkGood morning everyone! We would like to extend a huge thank you to Ian Smith for his demonstration of mediumship in Cholsey on Monday 8th January 18. Ian worked tirelessly bringing through person after person from the spirit world to be reconnected with their loved ones in the audience. It was an evening full of laughter, remembering funny memories and personality traits of those in spirit, but also the seriousness that those in spirit recognise what is going on in our lives now, know when we are struggling, when we are celebrating, and are there for us, still loving and supporting us albeit in a different way now.

A massive thank you also to all 60 of you who came along last night, lovely to see lots of new people as well as our regular friends. The lady on the front row who received a message from her step-dad during the second half of the demonstration was particularly surprised to hear from him, as he passed just a few days before Christmas and she’d only been to his funeral earlier in the day. Her husband had persuaded her to come to last night’s demonstration, and wow are we pleased he did, as his father-in-law would also have been, so that he could give his daughter the reassurance that he is fine, still with her, still tinkering with engines just like he loved to, and to take that message back with her to other family members who are also missing him dearly.

The winner of the charity vote by a massive landslide was the Thames Valley Air Ambulance, with the Alzheimer’s Society coming second place. Each of those charities will be receiving a donation of £60 woooo hoooo! Thank you for kicking off our 2018 evenings in great style and we look forward to seeing you all again very soon.