Sharon Hall Dem Feedback!

Sharon HallFurther to our “Evening of Mediumship with Sharon Hall” on Monday 15th June, I received an email from Denzil Fairbairn who was the recipient of a message during the demonstration. Denzil was accompanied by his wife Kay, and it soon became apparent during the reading that both of their Dads were trying to communicate! I’d like to extend a big thank you to Denzil for taking the time to write this and for sharing the detail with us all. The email reads as follows:-

“Thanks again for Monday evening’s demonstration…have to say that Sharon
ranks among one of the better Clairvoyants that we have seen in a long
time. Not because she came to me to pass on messages but because of the
accuracy of information that she passed on throughout the evening.
It was apparent that she was a little confused by the information provided
by the two Georges at the beginning of her contact with me, however, it
all became quite clear, upon reflection, and I would just like to share
some of the more significant pieces of information which Sharon just could
not have known about:-
For the sake of clarity I will call the contacts from Spirit “George 1”
(my Dad) and “George 2” (my Father-in-law)…Sharon gave both names
without hesitation. The confusion arose initially, I believe, because my
dad who passed in 1989 and who was an experienced Trance Medium, was
helping to bring George 2 through as he only passed just over a year ago.
So the information appeared to be coming from George 1 whereas it actually
related to George 2.
For example, it was indicated that I wasn’t at my Dad’s bedside when he
passed whereas in fact I was…it was George 2 who had passed in his sleep
and we weren’t advised of it by the nursing home staff until after the
event. George 1 (my Dad) passed from Cancer of the stomach and Liver which
he refused to have treatment for…both facts correctly given a bit later
on by Sharon.
She mentioned the old song “the clocked stopped, never to go again, when
the old man died”…she went on to say that she was being told that the
clock did stop and that it was at the time of his passing…True!…my
wife received a phone call from the nursing home at 23.40pm to say he had
only just passed. We travelled early the next morning to see my
Mother-in-Law to break the news to her that her husband had gone and it
was whilst we sat in their front room, at around 8.30am, that I noticed
the clock on the mantle shelf had stopped…at 23.25pm. Sharon also
mentioned that this same clock was a chiming clock and that the tune was
the Westminster Chimes…correct! We were also told by Sharon that we had
a new car and that we had gone from Green to Red and that he liked the new
Red car. Yes we have a new Red car (bought in May) but the car we swapped
in was a White one…Sharon didn’t want to take back that we had gone from
Green to Red. On the way home in the car it suddenly dawned on me that
George 2 had in fact helped us to buy our very first car around 35 years
ago, he drove us to collect it…it was an Austin 1100…and it was Racing
Sharon also picked up that George 1 was a Medium but that he worked in a
different way to her…she confirmed that he was a Trance Medium and said
that she could sense him putting that feeling on her…totally correct!
She also said that he was a man who would want to dot the I’s and cross
the T’s when he was on the earth-plane which was true and that if he was
here now he would want to help me to deal with something important. The
previous evening my wife and I had been sitting in a home circle and my
Dad had spoken to me through the medium to say we needed to be careful
regarding some land we were purchasing in conjunction with a house
purchase…he said we needed to look closely at the documents to ensure
all the I’s were dotted and T’s crossed…amazing!
Sharon provided us with a very significant message and had I not already
been 100% sure of the existence of the Spirit World and life after death
then I think this message would have been the one to have given me that